What is there to do?

Ulrum is situated on the county border of Frisia and Groningen. This region offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy an interesting stay.

You can cycle through the national parks ‘Lauwersmeer’ and ‘Middag Humsterland’ . Everywhere there are seperate cyclepaths, which form a national web and often take you right across the agricultural country.

The Frisian coast offers an attractive cycling area; you ride in the shelter of the dikes or enjoy the view along the top over reclaimed land. There are many well-documented biking routes which take you along the most beautiful parts of the region.

For the experienced cyclist places such as Dokkum (Frisia) and Delfzijl, Appingedam, Bourtange (North East Groningen) are within range.

Hikers can easily find way in the National Park ‘Lauwersmeer’, the coastal area or along the riverside of the ‘Reitdiep’. In many villages there are pubs and terraces to sit down at and recharge the batteries. Field trips and ciultural daytrips are organised in the direct environment.

If you are interested in birds, the Lauwersmeer is the place to come to. It’s an area that provides food for resident species as well as many migrating birds, so in each season there’s plenty to see: spoonbills, ducks, geese and other waterfowl, birds of prey and warblers. It’s a popular area for birdwatchers.

By car you can cover the whole of Frisia, Groningen and North Drenthe. Driving along quiet roads and seeing the ‘wierden’ villages, which were build on raised ground in order to be safe from the water. Many of the smaller towns have a rich history and boast local museums with interesting collections. For instance, the prisonmuseum in Veenhuizen or the beautifully restored fortified village Bourtange.

You can get on the ferry to Schiermonnikoog. You can rent bikes to explore the island or visit the sand beaches. The island is a ‘car-free’  refuge.

Groningen and Frisia around in waterways, canals, lakes and rivers: you can row across the lakes, take daytrips on the Lauwersmeer or Wadden Sea, cruise around with your own or a rented boat. In 1969 the Lauwersmeer area was created by building a dike to close off a bay from the sea. Apart from boating, it is an area of great natural beauty and spending the day on the grassy banks is a real pleasure.

The local tourist office VVV Lauwersland provides a lot of information to ensure that your stay is varied and interesting.